Capoliveri, Elba Island. . I really miss you

 Capoliveri has this beach town feel although it's higher elevation with views of the ocean.  When in touristic towns like this I always look for the restaurants located outside the main piazzas which are usually less busy, perhaps even empty, but in my opinion tend to have better food.  Even though technically I am a tourist. . . I hate to feel like one.
 Hanging Vines: I love any reaching vines, twisting, gnarling, grabbing for leverage. . . flowers sprawling across stone walls, roofs tops, gutters.  Then add grapes to the mix and I'm in love, taking a million different photos from every angle like a fashion photographer.
Breathtaking Views: Italy never falls short of expansive rolling hills, lush landscape, majestic skies, nude colors, blue and green

Terracotta rooftops.  It wouldn't be Italy without them.
 Local art: The first time I went to Italy eleven years ago, in Florence, I was shocked when I walked through the ancient city to find an absence of contemporary art.
There were loads, piles, storms of relic art, Christian art, Famous art,
but I didn't see any street art,
any rebellion to the religious
peers of Christ and Mother Mary spray painted
on the streets or popping up
in unwanted avenues for display
like it does in many other major cities
of the world.  I must admit that
I do not see too much "local art" in Italy while traveling.  Capoliveri had a refreshing splash of bright nonreligious or nonpolitical art.

 And even though you eat much more pasta, cheese, meat, and pastry. . don't talk about gelato. . . you still get somewhat of a workout hiking through ascending towns with steep climbs and stairs worse than San Francisco, sometimes.
Massy made a great effort this trip to try and discover himself as a photographer.  As much as I love taking pictures, I'm the worst posing for them.  I need someone with an artistic eye looking for something, a vision, other than just me posing as a tourist.  It was hard to find non-touristic shots this trip considering that we were purely tourists. 

These are my eyelids and lashes, how I see my world and dream.
And for sure if this was my bike I would park it right there too!

 This spot right here reminded me of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  There is an emptiness, a stillness, a calm, a feeling of being by the ocean and rusting salted metal.
 And Beaches:  I can't remember where this one was on Elba, we went to so many everyday, which is what makes Elba so friggin' amazing.
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Um, I really miss you.
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