Poggio, Elba Island, Tuscany

 Poggio was one of our favorite spots on Elba Island -- for dinner, aperitivo and scenic views.  It's tiny, but saturated with beautiful flowers, granite stone, chestnut trees, alley ways, children playing soccer in the piazza and locals leisurely walking.

 Something I love about Tuscany is its tropical edge.  There are palm trees, exotic flowers, waxy plants, jungle-like woods and small rivers or streams that remind me of ones I've visited in Jamaica and Belize.
 But it's Italy.  It's so Italy and so different from Central America or the Caribbean.  The seafood is incredible -- and to our extreme delight -- everywhere we went in Isola e'Elba, the seafood was fresh -- unlike Monte d'Argentario, the coastal town we visited last year.

 If you go to Poggio -- if you go to Isola d'Elba -- you must try this restaurant.  Sciamadda 0565 909098.
I've never had fried seafood so delicate and not greasy at all.  We kept ordering plate after plate of sardines, anchovies, gamberi -- and as much of a wine snob as Massy and I might be, while in Elba Island, we drank Elba.  I really do love their simple white, whether Ansonica 100% or Elba Bianco -- it has nice body, minerality, acidity, touch of fruit, perfect dry, and goes fantastic with seafood.
 Look at the gorgeous gold color of that white.
Jordana NicoleComment