Jordana Nicole Giovannoni at  Harlan Estate , Napa, CA

Jordana Nicole Giovannoni at Harlan Estate, Napa, CA

Jordana Nicole Giovannoni

Writer, Photographer, Painter, Mother, and Lover of Italy

It all started when...

Jordana, a New York native, began working at the age of seventeen as a bartender in the Village of NYC. Since then she has worked in the Food and Wine Industry for over twenty years. Starting as a manager she quickly moved into a sommelier position as well after discovering a deep passion for wine. She started her first blog in 2007 about the food and wine programs in NYC and over the years has continued to share her love for the industry through her photos, paintings and writing. In 2013 she and her husband Massimiliano, a Tuscan native, moved to Napa, California where they had their son. In Napa Jordana worked with Signorello Estate and then Mira Winery as Estate Ambassador whilte simultaneously starting her concierge service to Italy. She is a networker, a connector, and a master organizer. She currently lives in Siena, Tuscany where she leads private tours with a strong focus on food and wine. Her goal is to share her passion with this magical territory and its culture with the world, returning to others the joy is has passed onto her. 

You may have the world if I may have Italy
— Giuseppe Verdi