Ocean Song Farm

Majestic entrance to Ocean Song, with voices from the Pacific chanting from a distance.

It was an incredible emotion to drive from Napa, across the Mayacamas mountains on the windy Oakville Grade road, and head west on Highway 12 past great visions of old oak trees slathered with Spanish moss.  

Occasionally there will be a cow farm, a few horses, but mostly rolling hills where your imagination fades.  Trying to find the farm Ocean Song with just a GPS on my ipad is not recommendable, but I did it, two hours later. This is, hands down, the most beautiful farm I've ever been to in my life.  

I hope to make it back next week, this time to paint the beautiful landscape instead of getting a sun-burn on my back from weeding kale for hours. 

I'm in love though, with farming .  . . and that I don't have to do it everyday. The work is tedious and up there in caliber with preparing your mise-en-place in the kitchen for a night's service in a restaurant. Except while farming there are much better break options.