Garlic and Garden at La Fornace

La Casa at La Fornace, Montalcino
We always stop by La Fornace whenever traveling through Montalcino.  This winery is a great representation of how such a beautiful Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino are produced by father and son and mother operation.  I've already written about this vineyard in my previous blog post, however this time I took some photos of what else goes on at this small vineyard other than wine production.
First there is always talk about wine. . . .with serious faces.

Father and Son, La Fornace
The Other Garden close up

The Other Garden from the shade
I've tasted the wine.  I've drizzled the olive oil all over salads, breads, even used it as lotion for my face . . I can only imagine how the tomatoes and other vegetables taste.

The Garlic
They even braid their own garlic.  It's beyond picturesque and what the American heart dreams of when they think of a family run vineyard in Italy.  I say American because, yes, I am American.  
Flowers and empty glasses from visitors
Within close proximity of the other by la casa of La Fornace I found these beautiful piercing red magenta flowers and a basket of empty wine tasting glasses from all the different tourists who visit La Fornace during one hot summer day in July.
Still at Quinciano before we headed over to La Fornace

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