Jordana Giovannoni

Jordana is a New York native who started working at the age of seventeen as a bartender in the Village of NYC. She has worked in the Food and Wine Industry for over twenty years from NYC to Napa, California. She is a networker, a connector, and a master organizer. Her dream has always been to live in Italy, where she has avidly traveled for more than a decade. Recently, with her husband Massimiliano and their son Bruno, that dream has come true. She currently lives in Siena, Tuscany where she leads private tours with a strong focus on food and wine. She has been helping clients build their dream trip to Italy for many years. She is a writer, painter, photographer and has a marketing company, Giovannoni Selections, in which she works with wine brands in many different facets, from building their territory, to hosting wine tastings, to connecting them with importers and distributors, and to even painting their wine label.